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How to Create a Landing Page in the JCN Dashboard

Landing pages are an important part of any marketing campaign.

They are the destination that people arrive at after they click on your ad, and a well-created landing page is important for making sure the money you’ve spent on driving traffic to the page doesn’t go to waste.

Some marketing strategists even argue that a landing page is more important than your actual site, because you can customize each page to the specific needs of that audience and that campaign. This, instead of your site’s homepage message that must by necessity caters to everyone.

We’ve built a basic landing page creation tool within the JCN dashboard, making it easy for you to build landing pages to go along with your ad campaign. Any page you create will include a link that you can add to your campaign media, thus allowing you to create everything you need in a campaign within one single dashboard.

Creating a landing page

In your dashboard, click the Tools / Landing Pages link on the left hand menu.

Click the button on the top right of the page to create a new landing page.

On your page, you must add a headline, title, and text that will be the body of the page, like the text in an article. Just click the paper clip icon and you’ll be able to select an image from your computer to add to the page.

You can format the text in your article by making it bold, adding photos and videos with the corresponding photo and video icons, and make text into a link that people can click and visit.

Every landing page should have a way for people to contact you. In addition to your email or phone number, we’ve added a form feature, which will collect people’s contact info and email it to you.

When you’re ready, just press save at the bottom of the page and your age will be created.

A link will be generated for you, which you can add to any ad and share online.

Back in the main campaign’s page, you’ll now see your new landing page, with links to view and make further edits to it.

Updated on: 07/19/2019

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