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How Network Campaigns Work (JCN Homepage and Inner Page Articles)

Some of the ads we sell are linked to specific sites: “A square banner ad on Yeshiva World.”

However, we also carry several ad types that actually allow you to place an ad on multiple sites simultaneously.

This is very common in the broader advertising world. You can use Facebook and Google to place ads all over the internet.

The Jewish Content Network servers a similar purpose for the online Jewish world: you can upload some graphics and text and get your ad seen on multiple websites. This gives you the simplicity and power to be instantly seen all over. If you prefer, however, you can review the list of available sites and make sure you’re only seen on specific sites you desire.

Native Ads

Ads like the JCN Homepage Article and inner page articles are native article ads. This means they are designed to look like articles on a website. Because they don’t look like banner ads, they actually grab people’s attention more, and are also easier to create.

You don’t need a graphic artist to create a JCN Homepage Article or Inner Page Article. Just upload a simple image and headline and define where you want people to go when they click the ad. The system will then create an ad that looks like other articles on the site, and place them on the homepage of many different Jewish websites, or at the bottom of the articles on those sites.

I can’t see my ad!

Because your ads are being shown on multiple sites using an impressions system, it’s quite possible that you’ll visit a website and not see your ad. We have multiple advertisers, limited ad zones, and your defined budget, and our ad servers work to distribute all of this equally across the entire network.

The best way to know if your ad is being served and how well it’s doing, is by viewing the analytics on the JCN dashboard. Here you’ll see just how many times your ads have loaded and how many clicks they’ve gotten – broken down both by day and by site they’ve appeared on.

Updated on: 08/21/2019

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