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Creating Effective Landing Pages - JCN Support

One of the key elements of a successful marketing campaign is a landing page.

What’s a landing page?

It’s a simplified web page that users “land on” after visiting an ad.

Landing pages are designed to “convert” visitors into leads or customers with the help of the following strategies:

Single focus. Whereas your homepage might offer visitors a little bit of everything, your landing page should always focus on just one thing you want your visitors to do.
Calls to action. As part of getting your visitors to do That One Thing, you should incorporate that message throughout your landing page. You can never been too clear with a visitor that what you want them to do is “sign up”, “donate”, “buy” or whatever it is you want them to do.
Landing pages often hide the navigation and remove any links so that visitors don’t get distracted and navigate away. They also often feature bold headlines and explainer videos to grab people’s attention and convince them to take action.

Using a landing pages can greatly increase the return on in investment put into an advertising campaign. If you are paying, say, $1 for every visitor who comes to your page, why not design a page that maximizes the amount of people who take action and “convert”?

Since they are so easy to create and modify, it’s ideal to customize your landing page for each target user. Targeting both men and women? Create different ads and landing pages for each and customize them to appeal exactly to their interest.

At the Jewish Content Network, we’ve built a simple, free landing page creation tool that allows to share content, images and videos with potential customers and even let them contact you if they are interested.

Get started here and create your free landing page in minutes.

Updated on: 07/27/2018

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