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I can't see my ads

This is one of the most common issues people present to us when running campaigns on the JCN. This gets divided into two issues – “I can’t see my ads on any of the sites I’m trying to advertise on” and “I can’t see the ads I just created in the dashboard”.

To help pinpoint the problem, please check the following:

Do yo have an ad blocker installed? Your ads are, well, ads, and an adblocker will prevent them from appearing. Try pausing ad block, using a different computer or browser, or viewing the site in incognito mode.
Did you turn on both your campaign and your individual media? Does your campaign have impressions remaining in it?
Has your media been approved? We try to approve media as soon as possible, but it can take several hours for a moderator to review your ad and allow it to be published. In the meantime, your media will not appear on sites, nor will you be able to edit it in the dashboard. Your post will appear with a “pending” symbol, which means it’s waiting for approval.
Do you have a a schedule in place? If your campaign has a deadline that passed, the campaign won’t run at all. Turn off the schedule feature completely or reschedule the campaign for a time in the future. Be sure to save the new date, and turn your campaign on and off one more time just to make sure it’s running smoothly.
Are you targeting a specific geographical area? Even if you live in the same area, your browser might not accurately recognize your location which would prevent you from seeing the ads. Also, our readership is confined to certain metropolitan areas. Insisting on targeting locations outside those areas may result in your ad barely getting shown.
Is your ad showing stats? Your ad will begin to appear on sites almost immediately, which will be reflected in the stats on the media and the campaign level (see the screenshot below). Please realize that your ad is appearing with hundreds of others, and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t appearing. If there are numbers in the stats box, your ad is appearing.  This negates the need to constantly refresh a page to physically see your ad.

Updated on: 07/27/2018

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